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The new service from Involta is shortening links for VK, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and the whole Internet. Create unique short URLs and share them online. Use the short link service for e-mails and communication on forums. Do you want to hide a long address or UTM tags? Try to short the link online and make it easy to understand and remember.

Use our tool to shorten the UTM link and use it in your advertising materials. You can set a password to the link for protection. Long links with a lot of parameters can scare off away a potential client, so shorting UTM links is a great solution to optimize your advertising offer. By the way, you can use our UTM Tag Generator.

With the short link service from Involta, you can easily make a QR code to the link. Do you want to put the QR code on business cards, use it on handouts and POS displays, or facilitate authorization in a Wi-Fi network? You just need to create a QR link in our service to solve these and other problems.

Our link shortening site provides the ability to view click-through statistics for authorized users. We have no ads and all features are completely free. If you were looking for a fast and secure short link service — you've found it!

For your convenience, we have made an extension in Google chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

It is forbidden to use the service to send spam, viruses, trojans, links to resources prohibited by law, and other resources that can harm the user or his device. Any such link will be permanently deleted.